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Statement from Idaho Conference of Seventh-day Adventists®, Inc. December 17, 2014

On December 14, 2014, the Idaho Conference Executive Committee (CEC) voted to withdraw the Gem State Adventist Academy land from the market, after receiving a report on the current land sale climate from our real estate broker. This decision was made in part because current land sale prices would not adequately fulfill the purpose of funding an operating endowment fund for the academy. It was determined that the amount a sale could generate would not provide enough income to substantially reduce tuition costs, which was a primary goal of placing the land, with the exception of the land on which the academy sits, for sale. Idaho Conference Administration, the GSAA Land Use Committee, Gem State Adventist Academy, and the CEC will be exploring other ways to use the land to generate income for the academy.

The CEC made its decision based on the actions taken at the May 20, 2007 Constituency Session. The actions of the 2007 Constituency Session from the minutes are quoted below.

Background and actions from the 2007 minutes:
Land Use:Report by Steve McPherson. Recommending to proceed with land development and to hire a commercial real estate broker. Final recommendationswill be approved by the Board of Directors. Major decisions will be brought to afuture session (i.e. relocation/rebuilding of school). All proceeds will be placed in the endowment. Options the committee discussed include: Sell/develop up to 300 acres; provide for a long term care facility; expand to a K-12 campus; include a church building on the campus; renovate the school on present campus; relocate schoo1to another part of GSAA land.

LAND USE COMMITTEE ACTIONS (from May 20, 2007 Constituency Session)

     VOTED to proceed with the land development/sales:1) in a prudent manner; 2) as determined by themarket.

     VOTED to hire aCommercial Real Estate developer/broker to: 1) aid with conceptualization; 2) provide site research; 3) and negotiate sales of the property.

     VOTED to authorize the Board of Directors to approve the decisionsneeded to develop the land.

     VOTED that major proposals such as the possible relocation of the school be brought to a future session.

     VOTED to reserve all proceeds from the development of the Gem State Adventist Academy property for the Gem State Adventist Academy Operating Endowment.
End of quoted material.

Withdrawing the property gives Conference Administration, the GSAA Land Use Committee, Gem State Adventist Academy, and the Conference Executive Committee time to re-evaluate the best use of the land to benefit the academy operations.

Plans are already underway to use a 12 – 14 acre parcel adjacent to the academy for the Gem State Academy Gardens this next growing season, making it easier for students to work in the gardens. The Gardens have a place from which to operate on the campus: the former boiler building is being renovated to serve the operating needs of the Gardens.

As plans for the future are made, more information will be shared. The Land Use Committee will be exploring ways to use the land to generate income for the benefit of the academy. We invite your input during this time.

We invite your suggestions in the following ways:

1. Your suggestion needs to include your name and contact information.

2. Your suggestion should include information which leads you to believe it to be a viable option.

3. Send by one of the following methods:

a. Mail to Idaho Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Inc., attn.: GSAA Land Use, 7777 W Fairview Ave, Boise ID 83704

b. Fax to 208.375.7526, attn.: GSAA Land Use

c. Email to: gsaaland@idconf.org

We will take your suggestions by the above methods until February 28, 2015.